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Office Cleaning

A clean environment and a clean working space never bother anyone, and everyone wants to work in the most sanitary place possible. We all want to keep our offices cleaned and shiny and up to the mark where they give out an excellent impression to guests, customers of the business and also to attract employees to work in your company.

Having a clean office has never been more critical, and having a team that can handle the cleaning needs of the office and offers specialist service is even more desirable.

Office Cleaning Services That Work For You

Getting regular office cleaning should be everyone’s first approach because it will keep the workspace in a protected and clean condition. If you have assigned a professional service for the office cleaning, they will be able to tailor their services and timing in such a way that it does not affect you and your work.

They can work either in the morning before the start of the business or either after business hours; it all depends on you and the type of business you run. The professional company will be using the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that you receive an efficient and cost-effective service.

Creating Positive First Impressions

If you are the type of person who invites customers and guests to the workplace all the time, then a perfectly clean office is very significant. In the corporate culture, a brand’s character and the company’s image are essential, and they can be damaged if the office is not clean and the environment is filthy.

Regular office cleaning will make sure that your company gives a decent impression to the people who come to visit, this is something that will help the business in strengthening its professional image.

Keep Your Employees Fighting Fit

Daily office cleaning will go a long way to constraining the number of germs being spread in the workplace, making sure that your employees stay happy, healthy, and productive.

It is fundamental to have a cleaning for the meeting rooms, desks, and also for the communal areas as well as washrooms, which will guarantee that the workspace is clean and hygienic as well.

In more prominent offices and corporate workplaces, clearing agents will guide out the design of your structure and afterwards produce an arrangement to convey faculty for the day, giving specific consideration to guaranteeing virtual offices and high footfall regions are cleaned productively to maintain a strategic distance from expensive disturbances.

Clean Desk Policy

The clean desk policy will help make sure that no sensitive company document if lying around, whether it contains the employee details or financial records, and it will also be the first step in achieving ISO/IEC 27001 – Information security management status.

By keeping your significant reports bolted away or even better, scrambled carefully, your workspace will be without the messiness and adequate should you have any undesirable guests.

Save Time By Using Professionals

Office Cleaning and keeping up a work environment requires a great deal of work. You can spare your organization time, and guarantee the activity is done to the best quality by utilizing an expert cleaning administration to complete the job.

Redistributing the cleaning to an accomplished group will permit you, and your staff to focus on your jobs while giving you genuine feelings of serenity that your working environment will be spotless, clean and safe throughout the day, consistently.

Five worry-free after party cleaning tips

It could be the birthday of the child, and there is a desire to hold a grand party at home inviting neighbours, friends, relatives and colleagues to witness the grandeur. This will mean decorating the home, cooking and serving the guests with varieties of delicious dishes, organizing games for small children and the like. The party can seem to be a magical one. But the real problem is likely to start after the party gets over, and the last guest has left the place. The entire house and the surroundings are likely to be completely messed up, littered and sticky with food left-overs. This can become a real hassle and worry situation for the family members. They are performing the cleaning task after the party can be tedious and also quite tiresome. It is here that the cleaning professionals can seem to be a god-sent to such party organizers, who can take a respite and leave the task of cleaning to them.

How the home can be tidied and kept clean after a party?

Those who have the mood and energy to carry on the cleaning task after the party can follow the given below tips provided by the after party cleaners.

  • Begin task with lounge room: This is where the party is likely to have taken place, which is generally the living room and probably the most messed up space after the party is over. Get to work by grabbing the vacuum cleaner and a bin. Firstly, collect and throw the more significant garbage pieces, plastics and wraps into the container. Secondly, spend the next few minutes vacuuming all the furniture in this room and complete the task with the floors. Inspect for damage and check out for crumbs and spills that may be found in those awkward to reach furniture or corners.
  • Look out for stains: In case, alcohol was served, then there is bound to be some stain on the floor or the carpet. Drunk people are likely to get clumsy, thereby spilling up drinks either on themselves, someone or on the furniture. Spots if noticed, should be treated immediately. I waited for a longer time; the situation is only likely to become worse, as it will only seep deep within the fabrics of the expensive carpets and upholstery.
  • Place towels in the washing machine to clean: Otherwise, random bacteria and germs may lurk on such cloth pieces that will be used by the children.
  • Disinfect the bathroom: This room is likely to be the most used by every guest at the party and hence, needs to be adequately cleaned and disinfected.
  • Check bedroom: Chances are there of some relative/s having used the bedroom to take rest. If so, then take off the linens and give them a proper deep wash. Clean the mattress either by self or with the help of professional cleaners.

Hiring a trustworthy and reputed House Cleaning Company will be a wise decision made to complete the cleaning task on time and save on precious energy and time.

Cleaning the house is not as straightforward an endeavour as people think it is. There are plenty of things we do wrong, which in turn slow us down, make things dirtier and consume more of our precious weekend time. Without further ado, let us look into the nine most common mistakes committed and the steps you can take to avoid said mistakes.

 Don’t spray cleaning solution directly on the surface

This is something almost everybody does, and why wouldn’t they? You are trying to clean the surface and spraying the liquid on it and wiping is the way to do it, right? Wrong. While this method is acceptable for specific scenarios but it has its drawbacks for things like electronics. For a safer and efficient way of cleaning, you should spray the cleaning agent on to the microfiber cloth and then wipe the surface. Top it off by wiping with a clean, dry cloth to remove any remaining solution. Do this for surfaces like porcelain, leather, wood, and electronics.

Do you clean your sponge enough?

Think about the number of things you cleaned using your sponge. Now think back to the last time you cleaned the said sponge. How long ago was it?

It is quite common for many to forget that the sponges need to be regularly cleaned too. If left uncleaned, a sponge can turn into a breeding nest for bacteria, carry a lousy odour and pass on germs to the things you clean using the sponge including dishes and cutlery.

So how do you prevent this?

Easy, throw it in the dishwasher the next time you are washing your dishes. If you do not have a dishwasher, keep the sponge in a bowl of water and stick it in the microwave or leave the sponge in boiling water. Doing this once a week should suffice. It is also advised that you replace your sponge as soon as it discolours or it starts to have a foul odour.

Slow down the next time you are cleaning

Yeah yeah, we all want to be done with house cleaning as soon as possible, but when you rush your way through it, you tend to miss spots or clean wrong. All this means you are leaving more work for yourself in the long run. Instead, do your cleaning at a slower pace and do it thoroughly. If time is of the essence, pick a single task and do it well and leave the rest for when you have time.

Dry your toilet brush before you put it away

As with your sponge, your toilet brush has an unpleasant task to do and is prone to pick up germs while doing its job. The general routine is to use it and plop it back into its holder, but this doesn’t seem right. Clear the brush of germs by washing it with clean water and allowing the brush to naturally dry for approximately fifteen minutes. You could leave it hanging over the toilet bowl.

Did you read the directions on that cleaning product?

We assume all cleaning agents work the same way, but if you read the directions on the label, there is a high chance you will notice you are not following the advice given on the label. Producers spend a lot and effort in developing these products and figuring out how they work best. Some cleaners work for a specific surface, some take an extended period, and some are dangerous to use without gloves. The next time you are opening that cleaning product, take a few minutes to read the label and understand how the product works. This way, you can ensure you get the best results out of your cleaning efforts.

Don’t wash your windows on a sunny day

You might be confused at this. After all, a sunny day seems perfect for cleaning your windows because you can be outdoors to clean the exterior. However, the issue is that the sun dries the water and soap before you can wipe with a squeegee resulting in those dreaded streaks on the window panes. You are better off waiting for an overcast day to clean your windows. Then, when the sun is out, you can sit back and enjoy your clear windows!

How often do you clean your vacuum?

If your vacuum gives out a foul odour or does not seem to be sucking in the dirt like it usually does, it is probably full. Forgetting to clean out the vacuum cleaner dirtbag is very common, and all of us have made an error at some point in our lives. This can damage your vacuum cleaner in the long run. As a rule of thumb, check the vacuum before you use it to make sure it is empty and implement a routine to clean after three or four sessions.

Don’t use the same rag when cleaning

Even if you are using an excellent cleaning solution on your cloth, it is not a good idea to use the same rag when you are cleaning the house. This is because the fabric hangs on to germs and grime and carries it on to the next surface. You do not want germs from the bathroom getting into your kitchen top, do you?

To fix this, use a separate microfibre cloth for each room in your house or use new paper towels for each surface you are cleaning. Microfibers are better as they minimize wastage; chuck the fabric in the washing machine, and it will be ready for use the next time you are cleaning.

A feather duster is not the answer

Commercials love to claim that the feathers trap dust, but that isn’t even remotely the case in reality. Instead, feather dusters spread dust on the surface and fling them into the air! As mentioned above, stick to a microfiber cloth or paper towels, depending on the body and situation.