Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning the carpet is one of the most annoying tasks you will ever come across in the house. Carpets quickly grab the soil and dust and cleaning that completely can give you a lot of stress. However, if you hire skilled professionals from VMAP, you will easily remove all the stress. We have been providing genuine carpet cleaning solutions for houses and commercial premises in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and surrounding areas. You can contact us for a hassle-free and timely solution for any type of carpet cleaning.

Natural and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Near You

VMAP is among the leading carpet cleaning companies in Australia that comes with professional and genuine solutions at the most reasonable charges. You can hire our carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial premises. If your need is complete cleaning solution under a single roof, look no further! You can book our carpet cleaning service with just a simple call. Our professionals will reach your place, and they are fully equipped. We also use genuine, natural and non-toxic products to ensure a healthy environment at your office or houses. Our professionals are adequately trained, and we always use quality materials that are standard to health and hygienic parameters.


Charges are always a concern while hiring cleaning services. But you can rest assured that you will be charged most reasonably here at VMAP. We have kept the pricing of all our cleaning services very competitive. You can check our different pricing packages below.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have different queries related to cleaning services, and they always try to clear doubts before hiring the service. Here is a compilation of all the common questions that people always ask us before hiring our services. We have answered them for your convenience.

  • What material and equipment do you use?

    We use more than 60 different types of cleaning equipment and material that ensure better services. Depending on your specific cleaning needs, we use the equipment. The wide range of equipment includes; vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubbing machines and other necessary essentials.

  • In which cities the services are available?

    Our cleaning solutions cover all the different types of commercial premises. It includes; schools, colleges, offices, banks, hospitals, restaurants etc. even if you need customised solutions, you can contact us.

  • How Can I book Your Cleaning Service?

    It is very easy. You can book our service directly from our website by contacting us. Make sure to provide your valid email id and name. We will be happy to get in touch with you.

  • Do I need to be there at the time of cleaning?

    If you have any special instructions to share with our cleaning professionals, you can do that. Once all the instructions are shared, you can leave if you want. However, we suggest at least one person to stay at the workplace.



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