Advanced Tile & Grout Cleaning

The interior of a house looks beautiful as long as the floor is shining. But with time, the floor tiles accumulate dirt, dust and other contaminants which make it look dull. It’s not easy to clean the floor tiles of the grout without the right set of equipment. Here, at VMAP, we have the right professionals to offer you suitable tile and grout cleaning service in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and surrounding areas. These days, the entire house floor is designed with tiles and keeping them clean, and dirt-free should be your priority.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Solutions

VMAP is renowned for providing the best quality cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We have a dedicated team of trained and professional experts who offer excellent tile and grout cleaning services. We use advanced material and equipment that make the job even more useful. We have been providing the best quality tile and grout cleaning services, and in the cleaning process, we use the best quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are hygienic and not harmful. Our cleaning services will easily exceed your expectations.


Along with quality cleaning services, if there is something that sets us apart, that is our unique and competitive pricing. At VMAP, we have different packages available for your specific requirements. You can select the one that suits your needs the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have different queries related to cleaning services, and they always try to clear doubts before hiring the service. Here, we have answered some common questions that most of the people ask.



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