Common Tile and Grout Problems Professional Cleaning Can Help You Solve

Tile & grout cleaning

Tiles are highly durable. And this is the major reason many homeowners prefer choosing these as their flooring material. These are a perfect option, especially in high-traffic areas. Moreover, when you get them properly installed, they become highly moisture-resistant. Also, these are comparatively easy to care for. Therefore, tiles are often placed in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

However, despite being highly durable, tiles are not impervious to wear and tear. Over time, they start having stains or discolouring. To deal with these problems, you need a good tile and grout cleaning machine and a mild plus, caring cleaning product.

But this may not be a perfect solution every time. And this is exactly where professional tile and grout cleaning services come in handy. Here we will discuss the common relevant problems that experts can help you fight.

Tile and Grout Problems to Take Care Of

Tile and Grout Cracking

Cracks in the grout can occur because of several reasons. One common sense is the grout was not properly placed into the gap in the tiles. Another reason is if the material under the tiles is loose. If the substrate moves when someone steps on the tile, it could cause the grout and tile to crack.

Stained, Dirty, and Discolouration 

Grout, unlike most tiles, is made from a porous material. That is why it is not moisture resistant and is prone to staining. The best way to fight this problem is to have your grout sealed properly. However, even if you fill it, that is only a temporary solution. Eventually, it will need to be resealed.

Also, note that even some tiles too can get stained since not all kinds are non-porous. If you have porous tiles, make sure you have got them properly sealed for preventing staining. However, keep in mind that you should never seal those non-porous tiles.

If you’re not sure whether your tiles are porous, seek help from an expert. Applying the wrong cleaning product on the tiles, stone, and grout can lead to costly damage.

Milky or Cloudy Tile Surface

A cloudy or milky tile surface often shows that you have been applying the wrong cleaning or sealing products for that type of tile. When you face anything like this, seek help from a professional tile and grout cleaning expert ASAP since they use the right procedure and tile cleaning products. Also, they have specialised tools, including a tile cleaning machine.

Grout Haze

Most people often ignore this because the moisture during the cleaning process masks the cement and latex deposits temporarily. But as the tile surface gradually dries up, the residue becomes more clear. If you are currently facing the same problem, opt for professional tile and grout cleaning.

Why hire Professional Cleaners

Hiring a tile and grout cleaning expert is worth it because they use all the professional tools, equipment and devices. They know which cleaning product will be the best to use on specific types of tiles. Expect them to do their best in restoring old tiles and grout to make them look brand new again. While experts will be cleaning, you can relax and enjoy your weekend!

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