What Type of Products Do Professional Cleaning Companies Use?

Professional cleaning company

We always do our best to keep our home clean. But, unfortunately, the results are never up to the professional standard! Aren’t you eager to know how professional cleaners make all the difference? Of course, there are some ‘special’ cleaning must-haves they always have in their sack (and you don’t!).

To beat this confusion, take a look at the following list. Here you’ll find the highly efficient and powerful cleaning products a professional cleaning company always use for their customers and themselves. Surely these options are going to become your new favs!

A Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner 

The professionals say that the vacuum cleaner for residential cleaning should be light, and easily maneuverable. It should contain a HEPA filter (Triple-filtering) and Retractable cord. So, next time you choose a vacuum cleaner brand, make sure it ticks all these three boxes. These are great for carpet cleaning as well.

The Best Reusable Cloths

Paper towels are a common DIY cleaning item. But this may not be suitable always. On the other hand, Microfiber cloths are very soft, reusable, are gentle. These deliver way better cleaning results. No scratch. No tint left behind.

An Efficient Mopping Device

The experts suggest that you should be mopping your floors at least once a week. Hardwood floors should be cleaned twice a week. Choose a mopping device that is easy, efficient and SUITABLE for your flooring option. Choose a brand with microfiber that works well on hardwood floors. The mop head should not hold a lot of water.

A Multipurpose Floor Cleaner

According to the professional cleaners, the versatile floor cleaner should have a powerful cleaning performance. Also, it should be safe for most surfaces. Choose a brand that doesn’t need a rinsing step while cleaning floors.

Best Quality Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

The glass cleaner should eliminate grime and the dreaded streaks. They prefer ammonia-free eco-friendly brands that are perfect for glass (and sometimes for tile and granite!)

A Duster with A Long-Handle

Microfiber cloths are great for dusting. But when it comes to reaching things like the tops of door frames and cabinets, crown mouldings, high shelves, and the upper parts of window treatments, a long-handled tool is necessary. The device should have Microfiber dusting head.

The Most Powerful Toilet Cleaner

A brand that cleans and disinfects at the same time is a professional’s first choice. It should have a pleasant scent while the formula does most of the work. Such a product will be highly effective for mould removal as well.

The Perfect Toilet Brush

If you think that all toilet brushes are the same, you are wrong. Experts prefer options with a long handle, soft, flexible scrubbing head and one that comes with its caddy. Such options make cleaning the toilet easier, safer, and more effective.

A Hard Water Stain Remover

Acid-based cleaning solutions help dissolve mineral deposits formed by water coming into contact with the bathroom surfaces. It works great for removing mineral deposits. Also, these are safe and effective stain remover.

The other favourites of professional cleaners are powerful shower cleaner, fume-free oven cleaner, quality and safe stovetop degreaser, powerful wall cleaners, all-purpose cleaner, natural-scrubber, deodoriser etc. Now that you know the secrets, you can easily guess what makes such a radical difference!!

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